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in South-East Asia



We are a lifestyle advocate and incubator, dedicated to innovative brands' presence and growth across South-East Asia. We are at the initiative of the foundation & development of several self-owned proprietary brands, addressing several lifestyle segments. We also advise and accompany clients and partners, from early establishment towards regional expansion and success.



South-East Asia is a mozaic of cultures, mindsets and realities. Regional success often requires an accurate understanding and positive awareness of the diversity of beliefs, needs and behaviours across the archipelago.

This probably makes South-East Asia one of the most exciting and challenging playgrounds for brands that intend to set future trends and stay at the cutting edge of innovation.

We are in the capacity to explore any market in South-East Asia and broader Asia and accompany you through any specific research-need.

As the youngest sub-continent on the planet, strongly rooted in the past and open to the future, South-East Asia moves fast and adjusts even faster. In this context, solid fundamentals and adaptative business-models are a must.

From 2006 onwards, we have created, developed and expanded FMCG and lifestyle brands in Indonesia, India, China, in the Philippines, in Cambodia and Singapore. Among which several market leaders and top brands in major categories.

This is both our priority and first capacity : to accompany our clients and partners through strong process towards sustainable business-models and strategic-branding.

The now largely-ackowledged South-East Asian resilience calls for bold and resilient brand-design.

This may imply a comprehensive brand-system, designed to adjust local specificities and usage.
This may also mean interaction and cooperation with creative teams that refer to various cultures, mindsets and business-practices.

We can help you point at the proper resources and partner-agencies, wherever you need it. We can guide you through.

We keep listening to local and regional markets and market trends. We also closely follow local psychographics and sociographics.

Feel free to start a dialogue with us. We can help you set up the proper access to relevant market surveillance and intelligence to help you make proper decisions within the proper timing.